Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Great Day!

We are having another great day! We really loved LifeChurch's Tulsa Campus--it was awesome! The series is called "At the Movies 2007", and their concourse was filled with amazing creatures and outer space items from the movie 'Star Wars'! Hans Solo's spaceship was hanging from the ceiling, and there was a huge tree (floor to ceiling) with vines hanging from it, where the ewoks lived! We were pretty much in awe of's a wonder that people didn't notice our big eyes and open mouths, as we were checking it all out! :-) The church has done a great job of creating a very inviting and exciting environment--especially for children. We went to check out the children's classrooms, because what we saw online was really cool. It was just as cool in person! I'm sure if we were living in Tulsa, or near one of their other many campus' (in OK, TX, AZ, NY or FL), we would definitely be going to LifeChurch. The message by Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel was terrific, and I'm so glad we decided to take the opportunity to go see him speak. Kara didn't make it through the whole service, but we sat in the back, and I scooted out to the lobby to watch the message on one of the flat screens while Kara ate. The rest of us ate lunch at Olive Garden after church, which was yummy!

Please pray that we'll get good news tomorrow and be able to head home to WV!


Sarah J said...

I am so happy everything is going so well!! Kara is beautiful and I can't wait to meet her in person. Have a safe trip home!!

Sarah & Mike Riggleman

Anonymous said...

Tim, Kathy and Samantha,
I find myself anxiously waiting to read your blog. Kara is absolutely beautiful. Taylor is so excited and just knows Samantha is a great sister, I have to agree. I've been sharing your updates here at work and the "Brady Bunch" is so excited for all of you. Even the softball teams "First Wives Club" have been talking about keeping up with your blog and how we are excited for you all to get home so we can all meet Kara. I pray you get good news today and get to come home. Hope to see you all soon.


Beth Green said...

Hey Guys,

I'm so glad you got to enjoy LifeChurch. I'm sure it was an amazing experience. That's awesome! Kara is gorgeous! Hope you get your good news today. Love,