Thursday, August 28, 2008

Push ups anyone?

We have noticed that Kara has started to get herself into a position that looks as if she is going to stand up--from the sitting position. The other picture was taken while drinking her milk before bedtime. She looked so cute--a picture was necessary. :-)

Journey, Heart & Cheap Trick

Last night Tim and Kathy went to Nissan Pavillion to see the most awesome concert!! Samantha spent the night with a friend, and Kara stayed with Aunt Karen, and her cousin, Sean. We really had a great time--those Wilson sisters can rock! The new lead singer for Journey is so talented, and sounds so much like Steve Perry, it's wild! The new songs by Journey were really great too. Tim's birthday present to Kathy was the best!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Celebrating with Family

Yesterday we celebrated Kathy's & Nana's Birthdays at the O'Malley home. We took pictures of Kara playing with her cousin, Hunter, who is actually 2 months younger than she is--but looks older because of his size. We also got a picture of Nana opening one of her presents from us!