Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tim, Samantha and Rachael had a blast parasailing today! Tim said it was really peaceful while approximately 400 feet up in the air. It was all fun until they got dunked...don't you just love the looks on Samantha's face?!? They also saw a giant sting ray and several sharks while up in the air! Good thing the boat driver didn't drop them in the middle of all of that.

Fun on the Pontoon boat in the Bay!

The time on the boat was fun! Kara loved to think of herself as the Captain, as you can tell from the pictures. :-) What is it with teens not liking to have their picture taken?? The weather was gorgeous! Only downside is that all of us (except Kara) got burnt, b/c our sunscreen application was less than adequate. :-(

More pictures from Florida!

Pictures of Kara in the house and on the screen porch in Florida. She's sportin the cutest outfit--sparkles and new, pink converse! Mommy loves it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun at the Beach!

We arrived in Destin, FL for our vacation at noon on Tuesday of this week. We are having a wonderful time! Kara's first beach experience occurred last summer while in Destin, but of course, she doesn't remember. It was all brand new to her again, and she loved it. Playing in the sand and riding the waves were lots of fun!

Tomorrow we are heading out on the pontoon boat, and I plan to get pictures of Samantha and her friend Rachael. Tim, Samantha and Rachael will be going parasailing on Saturday, and Tim will get some pictures of that adventure--so check back soon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009