Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Today marked another wonderful Christmas celebration for our family of four! Kara verified that Santa visited our home when she saw that the milk and cookie she left out were gone…just a few crumbs left. 

We opened our stockings from Santa first, and then the gifts to each other.  Everyone made out pretty well, so we must have been ‘good’ this year. :)  Tim loves his new range bag, and will put it to good use when he takes his new firearms to the range.  Kathy loves her new kindle, and has already downloaded books to read.  And, Samantha loves her new IPod touch, and has been adding new music and apps to it already.

The grand finale was Kara’s gifts from Santa inside her new playroom!  The funny thing is that Kara has never been in the back room at the end of the hallway, so she had no idea where she was going at first.  Kara was very surprised (shocked is probably a better word) to see a room full of familiar and new toys when we opened the door!   The morning ended with us enjoying a delicious breakfast of waffles, ghutta (family recipe) and bacon.

It was not an easy feat to get Kara out of the playroom, and so she ate her lunch in there at her little table. She enjoyed having mommy, daddy or Samantha stay and play with her, but was also happy & content to play by herself. 













Thursday, December 24, 2009