Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Celebration in VA with Family

On December 26th, the four of us traveled to Virginia to celebrate Christmas with Kathy’s family.  We had a wonderful day! Kara so enjoyed helping Papa pass out the presents to everyone! We enjoyed a delicious meal together with all the fixings—turkey, ham, stuffing, garlic grits (family recipe), green beans, mac & cheese, etc…. Kara played with her cousins, ran around, and was a happy, energetic child throughout the day. We traveled back home that evening, and Kara spent as much time in her new playroom as possible before bedtime.  Kathy, Tim, Samantha, and all of their family members will remember Christmas 2009 as a time when Kara was exceptionally happy and full of life.  She loved all of the Christmas decorations and lights, playing outside in the snow (and we had LOTS of it), and playing inside with her new kitchen, dolls, nursery, and games she received as gifts for Christmas.  We will choose to focus on the beautiful memories that we made with Kara on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and during the day of the 26th. We love you dearly our sweet, angel Kara.