Saturday, December 6, 2008

Samantha's Handi-work

Nana & Papa brought our family a gingerbread house kit on Thanksgiving. Samantha immediately offered to tackle the project. She enjoyed the process, but realized it was much harder than she thought it would be initially. We think she did a great job for her first attempt!

Kara loves Elmo!

Kara, like most children her age, loves Elmo! We found Elmo slippers for her while we were out finishing our Christmas shopping today. Kara usually takes her shoes and socks off shortly after we get home, and in these winter temperatures, her feet get so cold. She was very proud of her slippers, and didn't pull them off!

Our Child-Proof Christmas Tree

Keeping Kara out of the Christmas decorations, especially the tree, has been quite challenging this year! Purchasing the gate to put around the tree was a great idea. Kara can still enjoy the tree, but not pull it down on herself!