Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kara Joins us for Dinner

Tonight was Kara’s first dinner at the big table in her booster seat with the rest of the family!  Notice that she was also eating exactly what the rest of us were eating—bow tie pasta with chicken, asparagus, covered with vodka sauce, her own small salad, and garlic bread  (a favorite of Kara’s).  She loved it, and we loved having four of us around the table for a family dinner.  Our little girl is growing up!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Stealing Daddy’s Dinner

Tonight’s dinner turned out to be quite hilarious! Most of the time, Kara is fed her dinner before the three of us sit down to eat.  Then while we eat, Kara watches a movie and plays with toys.  Kara had other plans tonight.  When Tim got up from the table to get something, Kara got up in his chair, grabbed his fork, and started eating his Beef Lombardy! It was so cute, that we had to take pictures.  :-)  Being the generous type, Kara eventually decided to allow Daddy to share the chair with her, and eat some of the dinner that she stole from him!




A Day with Nana & Papa

Last Saturday Nana & Papa came up to spend time with Samantha and Kara while Kathy & Tim went out on a date!  The date included seeing a movie in the theatre, and birthday shopping for Kara’s 2nd birthday coming up on July 13th!  In the pictures below Kara is wearing a new outfit that Nana  & Papa brought for her—too cute!  Kara LOVES to be read to, and Papa wasn’t in the house very long before Kara recruited him to read one of her new books. :-)