Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kara is 16 months old today!!

Our beautiful, sweet Kara was born exactly 16 months ago! We wanted to share some videos of Kara's walking attempts with everyone. She still likes to walk & stand on her tippytoes, which makes her a little unstable. Even though...Kara looks likes she's having fun~as usual!

Visiting with family (cousins)!

Last Sunday Samantha, Kara and I headed to my sister Karen's home to visit with some of the family. Tim was sick, so he stayed home to rest...and Charlie, my brother-in-law, and Krista's husband was sick at home too. So, it was all women, except for Kevin, and the kiddos. My dad, Papa to the five grandkids, was out of town. The pictures of Kara (16 months old) and Hunter (14 months old) on Karen's deck are great! The older kids decorated sugar cookies, raked leaves and jumped in the piles and had a good time outside after we all ate lunch together.