Friday, April 25, 2008

1st camping trip of the season starts out with a bang--literally!

The title says it all--the bang was a woman driving a Toyota Corolla who hit the back end of our brand new camper while we were stopped at a red light! We just picked up the camper from the dealer yesterday, and we were on our way to the campground when the accident occurred. We had the camper for 1 day, and didn't even have a chance to use it before it got damaged! The pictures really don't show all of the damage. The rear bumper is completely pushed in on the middle, the undercarriage of the camper is bent, and the back outside wall of the camper is bowed. We'll have to see what the estimate is going to be regarding the damage, but we're wondering if they might just say it's 'totaled'. :-( On the positive side...we still made it to the campground, and the rear slide (bunkroom) worked, and the level went down the way they're supposed to--so we're camping this weekend! Unfortunately, we cannot use our bathroom because we're not sure if any damage occurred to our sewer tank, which is located at the very rear (underneath) of the camper. We have a full bathroom and cannot even use it. Oh well--we're going to try to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

More pictures of 'the sisters'!

We took a few more pictures of Samantha and Kara together the other afternoon. Aren't they cute together?!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daddy & Kara's Day

On Saturday Kathy and Samantha went to a conference in Fredericksburg, VA called 'You and Your Girl' with other mothers and their daughters from church. It was a great conference and a fun day. In the meantime, Kara and Daddy got to spend the entire day bonding with one another! They had a good day too, and Tim took some cute pictures of Kara while she was eating. Even with food all over her mouth, she is beautiful!

Kara's 9 month well-baby appt.

Forgot to post the information about Kara's 9 month appointment with the doctor on Friday. Kara weighs 16 lbs and 2 oz, and is 26 inches long. The nurse said her height matches her weight--and yes, she is still a 'little' sweetie. She got one shot, so the crying didn't last as long. :-) Kara is doing very well, and her next appointment is at 12 months!