Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eight Months Old

Our sweetie is 8 months old today! Man--does time fly! The video is of Kara and Leo Bear, our dog, playing together. By the way, Kara LOVES Leo. The video is cute, but not nearly as cute as some of the belly laughs Kara has when Leo is in one of his crazy moods and runs all around her. Tim has even held Kara in the superman position (like she's flying) to chase Leo around. Kara gets SO excited...kicks her arms and legs, and laughs like crazy. Wish we could have taken video on one of those occasions, but Tim and I are usually laughing so hard right along with Kara, that getting the camera set isn't an easy option.

Kara also really seems to like Tim's orange hat he got while we were at FLETC in 2004. She likes to play with it, and as you can see by the picture, she also likes to wear it!