Friday, January 2, 2009

Doggy PJ'S

Kara got some new pajamas today with her favorite animal on them--a dog! She looked so cute at bedtime, we just had to take pictures.

New outfit and hair clip

Kara is wearing a new outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Lang, and a hair clip made by Aunt Anne! Pretty darn cute! The outfit is size 18 months...but it must run small, because that is the only clothing that size that will fit her. :-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Celebrating Christmas with Family in Ohio on the 27th

The four of us drove to Ohio to visit with Tim's family and celebrate Christmas. The drive was a little over six hours--the longest Kara has ever been confined to her carseat! She did really well, thanks to the van's DVD player and many hours of new movies for her to watch. Samantha slept, watched movies on the portable DVD player with headset, and listened to her new iPOD. Kathy read, slept and made sure Kara was happy. Tim drove the whole way, which is typical. LOL

We celebrated Christmas the evening of the 27th with Grandma and Grandpa Lang, Aunt Anne, Uncle Matt, Aunt Zoe, Uncle Mike, cousin Bean, and Zoe's mom, Wendy. We enjoyed our visit, and didn't head home till the 31st. We drove back home through snow, but were disappointed to find no snow at home. :-(

Celebrating Christmas with Family in VA on the 26th

The four of us celebrated Christmas with all of Kathy's family in VA on December 26th at Nana & Papas' home. GrandMimi and GrandBob were there too! We had a great time, as the photos show. The kiddos make it all more fun!