Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kara's Getting Teeth!

We were finally able to get a picture of Kara so you can see that she has two teeth coming in on the bottom. One is a little bigger than the other, but maybe they'll both be completely in by the time she's one year old!

Kara & the Frog

In the video, Tim is playing with Kara and the frog we got for her at Fudpucker's Restaurant the other night. She loves it when Tim throws the frog up in the air--we just LOVE that laugh!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy Tim & Samantha!!

Tim and Samantha decided to be wild n' crazy today, and do something neither of them had ever done before. They went BUNGEE JUMPING!!! A place called The Track has a 65 foot tower/platform just for insane people who find pleasure jumping off of it--and two of those people are in my family--go figure. :-) Video was taken of both jumps, just so we could prove that they actually did it! There are two videos of Samantha, because Kathy accidentally hit the button right after the jump, which made it stop recording for a second. :-( The two pictures above are taken prior to the jump--one getting 'strapped up', and the other climbing the HUGE platform. PS. The lady talking during the video is NOT Kathy--just some stranger nearby.

Kara is 11 months old today!!

Kara turned 11 months old today--Friday, June 13th! The time has really flown by, but it feels as if Kara has always been a part of our family. I cannot believe she will be one year old in one short month! We plan to have a big party for our sweet, one year old on Sunday, July 13th. So, friends and family better mark your calendars! The picture was taken at The Track today. Kara and Kathy were watching all the people and enjoying the outdoors. :-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kara @ the Beach & in the Ocean!

Today Kara experienced the white sand on the beach, and the green water of the Gulf of Mexico--and she loved it! Kara is definitely a lover of all that is Florida. :-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kara & the Pool!

Today was Kara's first experience in a pool, and she loved it!! The float in the pictures worked wonderfully, and Kara really enjoyed floating around in it. Tomorrow we'll see what she thinks about the beach and the ocean!

Another flying disaster! :-(

We're convinced that there is no way to fly anywhere these days without having some kind of problem. It all started for us when we checked in at Dulles airport and found out our 3:00 pm flight was canceled. We were placed on the next flight to Atlanta that was scheduled to leave at 4:58 pm. We were a little bummed, but thought leaving 2 hours later wasn't that big a deal. Well, the plane finally pulled out of the gate at 6 pm, and then we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours! We left Dulles at 8 pm and arrived in Atlanta at 9:40 pm--just 15 minutes after the plane (we were supposed to be on) left for Pensacola. We were stranded in Atlanta, and to make matters worse, we had no baggage. No one employed by Air Tran knew where our six pieces of luggage were, including Kara's car seat. We were given a voucher for a hotel room, just to find out that most of the rooms at the hotels accepting the voucher were booked. It was midnight, and we finally booked a room and waited for the free shuttle bus to arrive and take us to the hotel. It didn't show up, and so we accepted the offer from a shuttle bus driver to go to the Super 8 Motel, just 5 minutes from the airport. It was pretty 'dumpy' to say the least, and we were responsible for paying the bill ourselves. By the way, our sweet Kara never fell asleep from 8 pm (her bedtime) until about 12:30 am when we finally got her settled in her port-a-crib at the motel. She was actually very well-behaved (our little angel) considering that she was up way past her bedtime. We all had a very restless 5 1/2 hours of sleep before it was time to wake up and head back to the airport. No toothbrushes or changes of clothes, and no showers--we were looking great! Our 9:30 am flight to Pensacola was on time, and we made it here safely! Yea! The best news was that all of our bags magically made it to our destination too, and the Expedition we rented (for the previous day) was still available! We are so happy to be in Destin, and we plan to really enjoy the rest of our vacation! Sure hope the return flight is better....

**Tim wanted me to add that Air Tran booked all of our seats in aisle 21, the exit aisle! We brought that to the gate attendant's attention and asked if they could complimentary upgrade us to business class because of how terrible our trip had been thus far. The woman said she would talk to other passengers about moving around so that we could get out of the exit row. All of the sudden, she started to load business class and asked us if we were ready to board. We were told that we had three seats in business class, with only two of them together. The fourth person was switched to another seat in coach. I explained that it wouldn't work. We had two 13 yr olds that needed to stay together, and Tim and I needed to stay together to take care of the baby. The Air Tran employee told us that was the best she could do and to just deal with it. We boarded the plane, and as Tim was getting Kara and me settled, an older gentleman offered to let Tim take his seat in business class. We were so surprised and thankful for his generosity! That very nice man had paid extra for his seat in business class, and he gave it up for our family. We will definitely pay it forward!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Leaving for Florida!

We fly to Destin, Florida tomorrow for a week in the sand & the sun! We will return home the evening of June 17th. This is Kara's first trip to Florida, and the house we stay at while in Destin. We're looking forward to introducing her to the pool (she's never been in one), the white, soft sand, and the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico!! Samantha is bringing her friend, Sophie, again this year, and we're all looking forward to having a great time. The weather here at home has been so horribly hot and humid (mid 90's) the past few days. If it's this hot and humid in Florida, at least we can cool off in the pool or the ocean! Check back next week for several pictures and a new post about our vacation!