Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy Tim & Samantha!!

Tim and Samantha decided to be wild n' crazy today, and do something neither of them had ever done before. They went BUNGEE JUMPING!!! A place called The Track has a 65 foot tower/platform just for insane people who find pleasure jumping off of it--and two of those people are in my family--go figure. :-) Video was taken of both jumps, just so we could prove that they actually did it! There are two videos of Samantha, because Kathy accidentally hit the button right after the jump, which made it stop recording for a second. :-( The two pictures above are taken prior to the jump--one getting 'strapped up', and the other climbing the HUGE platform. PS. The lady talking during the video is NOT Kathy--just some stranger nearby.


ellen said...

Nothing like making some great vacation memories. The big question is: Would you do it again?

Tim said...

Both Tim and Samantha say "YES" they would definitely do it again!

Anonymous said...

Omg sam i can't believe u did that. lol where is my sophie and why didnt she call me! i miss u sam and sophie! i miss u kathy and kara! Tim u can take ur time coming home! haha I love you

Kacy Shafer xoxox