Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good News!

Hi Everyone! Kara had another doctor appointment today, and she is doing great! The nurse said she gained approximately 12 ounces in weight, her head circumference is larger, and she is about 1/2 inch longer in length! Dr. Kohl says Kara is progressing wonderfully!

The other great news is that we were told today that ICPC in WV has approved us to go home! We are leaving tomorrow on a 7:25 am flight. The downside is that we fly into National Airport, instead of Dulles (where our car is parked). :-( Thankfully, Samantha and Kara's Nana & Papa Hennessey, are meeting us at National and taking us back to Dulles. They wanted to see their new granddaughter anyways! We are hoping to be home in Martinsburg around 5 pm.

We look forward to all of our friends and family coming to visit to meet Kara once we're home. FYI...afternoon visits would be easier for us and much appreciated. Just call and let us know if you want to come over!

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ellen said...

What great news. Have a safe trip. Our love to all of you.