Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cute pictures!

Today was the baby shower for my sister, Krista, who is due to have a baby boy on September 24th. Krista's sister-in-law, Lisa, and her mother-in-law, Lyn, were very thoughtful and brought gifts for Kara too. It was nice to be able to bring Kara to the shower, so that everyone could meet her in person. I think she enjoyed all of the attention. :-) These pictures were taken this evening after we arrived back home. The blanket over Kara is from Lisa. It says 'Love Bug', and is so adorable--just like our Kara!


daniel and micara said...

she looks so cute. I love the blanket. It is very adorable. It is so neat that we can come online and see how lil Kara is growing. She looks so content. Thanks again for sharing her life with us. God Bless You all. :)

Anonymous said...

wow... she has grown sooooo much. I am so happy that yall got home alright, i can just imagine how happy everyone was to see you,my mom is right Kara just looks so content and like she belongs. I am so glad that she is doing better. sorry that i haven't called. I arrived back in Oklahoma tonight around 9:00pm. it was a long trip. well please tell everyone that i said hello and please give that beautiful daughter of yours a smooch for me. Kathy, yall have such a wonderful family and please thank them for me as well for being so inviting to Kara i think that it is just awsome. Thank you also for being such wonderful people. God bless you.
Love Cammi

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Tim & Samantha,

Kara is so beautiful, thank you for sharing all of your special moments. I can't wait to see her in person. May God Bless your family. :)

Tammy Collis