Monday, July 23, 2007

Kara on Monday Morning!

Sorry we didn't put up any pictures of Kara on Sunday. Here are a couple that Kathy took this morning. Kara is just relaxing on Kathy & Tim's bed after a night of many feedings! Does her face look fuller to you? We think so!


Krista Hennessey Jacks said...

She looks VERY cute and cuddly... and I see not only a fuller face but her arms look nice 'n chubby with a 'lil baby fat... I could just eat her up!

Rene Haught said...

Hello guys! Kara is looking good. It must be the new formula you are feeding her. Hope you get to come home soon.

We made it to my mom's house and Leo is doing great. My mom can't get over how well behaved he is.

See you soon! Rene'