Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just another day in paradise!

Every day with Kara in our family is absolutely wonderful! We wouldn't change anything in this whole adoption experience. We were starting to get a little "hotel fever", so we ventured out in the mid-90 degree heat in Tulsa. Tim starts the car and blasts the AC for us for a few minutes before Samantha, Kara and I get into the car--thank goodness! We drove around Tulsa for a little bit...past the Guesthouse Suites Hotel (which may be our new home starting next Tuesday) and LifeChurch.TV. That is where we plan to go to church tomorrow. You can look the church up online to see just how cool it is. We are very excited to check it out! Our pastors at The Living Room in Martinsburg, know the Senior Pastor, and highly recommended going to LifeChurch while we were in Oklahoma. We'll tell you about our experience tomorrow, so check back then! We also made a trip to the local shopping mall, Wooodland Hills. It is huge compared to the mall in our little town, and of course Samantha wanted to know why our town couldn't have a similar-type mall. All I can say is that it was nice and cool inside, and it's great when people "ooh and ah" over how cute your baby girl looks!

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Anonymous said...

hey Tim and Kathy how are yall doing? well all is good here, i am so glad that Kara is doing so much better with the new formula and all. she is so cute. like i say just about every time that i talk with yall is how blessed i am that you are her family. I was scared at first about all the decisions that i had to make about the adoption but once i seen yall and actually got to know your family (other than on the phone) all my fears were gone i just want to thank yall again for welcoming her into your family and loving her so much. God bless your family for all that you have done for Kara and I. thank you gain. Love Cammi