Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kara's Follow-Up Appointment with Doctor

We took Kara back to Craig General Hospital for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Kohl today. The appointment was originally scheduled for Friday, but after another night of Kara's colic-type behavior, Kathy called and asked for an earlier appointment. Kara seems to have a lot of gas and pain associated with it--which makes her cry throughout the night. It's so sad to see her in pain and crying really hard. We were wondering if she was having trouble digesting the formula, and if there was something we could do to make it easier for Kara, and of course, us too. The doctor suggested we switch her to Enfamil Gentlease Lipil formula, which is made with reduced lactose and partially broken down proteins. It's supposed to be best for babies who are fussy with gas and colic. We are hoping and praying for a night with less pain for Kara, and more sleep for all of us! Kara's weight has dropped almost a full pound from birth, from 6 lbs 7 oz to 5 lbs 6 oz. I think she has been swallowing too much air while drinking from the bottle--she has the hiccups all the time it seems--and feels fuller than she actually is. So, basically she stops eating too soon, and isn't getting as much formula as she should. She is having plenty of wet diapers, so we know she's not dehydrated, but we still want her to gain weight and get bigger! Please pray that Kara will eat more and gain the weight she needs to.


Kristen Ruffner said...

I just received this link from Beth, and it was a privilege to see your precious pictures of Kara. God is awesome, isn't he! Her precious face brought tears to my eyes...your family is very blessed! Congrats on your new baby girl.

daniel and micara said...

Kathy and Tim and Samantha, I hope and pray that lil Kara will get feeling better soon. I hate to hear that she is having so much trouble. Have you tried the playtex nursers (the ones that you push all the excess air out of the bags) with the new formula the dr recommended? It is just a suggestion, but it might work. Those nipples scare me, cuz Cammi was very colicy when she was a baby. I'm not sayting that is the reason, but I did see a lot of air in the lil bottle when I was feeding her Sunday. I hope something will work for her soon. I know it has to be hard on you guys as well, not getting any sleep and all. Well, we love you and are thinking of you.

Micara and Dan

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I have been following this blog faithfully and loving everything!

I agree with Micara about the bottles...I used those playtex nursers with Colin and Julie and it really cut down on the gas..although I have to admit, Julie is still the gasiest 9 year old I have ever met! Love you all, The MacLeans