Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Now in Tulsa, OK!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all of the prayers and good wishes! Everything went smoothly with Cammi yesterday at the hearing. We have moved from Vinita to Tulsa today and are getting settled in a very nice room (feels like an apartment) in the Candlewood Suites. We made a trip to Super Target (Martinsburg has GOT to get one of those) to get groceries and stock up on some more diapers and wipes. Our hotel is right behind a Babies R Us--can't get any more convenient than that! Although we are at maximum capacity in the SUV we rented and in the suitcases, so we probably shouldn't purchase any more baby items! It sure is fun to look, though!

Kara is doing very well, and Tim and Kathy are doing their best to adjust to the lack of sleep. Samantha sleeps like a rock through everything--she doesn't even hear Kara fuss during the night when she needs a diaper change or eat. We will be driving back to the hospital in Vinita for Kara's checkup on Friday, the 20th ,with one of the doctor's that delivered her. In the meantime, we will be enjoying this special time together and waiting for ICPC (the interstate agreement between Oklahoma and WV) to be completed. We will definitely let everyone know when we find out that we can head home to WV! Enjoy the pictures!


daniel and micara said...

oh WOW!!! it's just been two days since we have seen her and she looks so much more alert already. How cool is that. I'm glad you are enjoying your new place, more room helps out a bunch. Just wanted to let you all know we are thinking of you, always.
Micara, Daniel, Codie and Elizabeth..Of course Cammi is too, but she is down in Texas.

anne said...

i'm so glad to hear that everything has gone so smoothly and that you've all been able to enjoy your time in oklahoma thus far. kara is gorgeous and will be so lucky to know how much love there is in her family. i can't wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim and Kathy,
What a treat it has been for Uncle Gary and me to follow your great adventure in OK. Kara gets better looking with each picture you post. Pink is certainly her color!
I check every evening to see and read what you've posted for the day. God bless the four of you.
Aunt Miri

Sharon said...

Kathy, Tim & Samantha - She is soooo beautiful! I finally had the time to take a look and read this blog. Of course I couldn't get through it without a few tears! Kathy, it was great to talk to you the other day. You are in my thoughts.... Love, Sharon

Rene Haught said...

Hey guys! I love the new pictures. Kara is getting so big already....hurry up and get her home before she grows up. So glad to hear you were able to get to a bigger hotel. I agree we do need a Super Target here....goodbye Walmart....hello Target. Leo is doing great. He is really loving my cats! One of the fluffy ones is used to him now and he gives her a good ear cleaning and she rubs all over is nose. It is funny to watch. The other two keep their distance, but like to tease him. Praying the paperwork goes through an easy exchange between states and you can come home soon.
Love, Rene'

Kristie Hadley said...

Kara just gets more adorable by the day :) I hope things go well with the exchange and you get to come home soon.....oh, and save some of that fun buying for Kara for the rest of us!

Diana and Danny said...

We have to agree with everyone else... she is so alert... is she holding her head up and crawling already??? :) Happy to hear that everything is well on it's way. I had no idea about the exchange between states. Guess you have a lot to explain to us how this all works when you get home. She is beautiful! I agree with Kristie STOP buying... LOL Hugs, The Wall gang.