Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Lang

Tim's parents came to visit for the weekend and we had a great time. Kara sat in her "big girl" highchair for the very first time. Even though Kara is getting bigger, she looks so small in the big highchair! John (Grandpa) cooked for us on Saturday night and it was delicious as usual! We ate cajun, bourbon tenderloin, watercress salad w/ red potatoes and blue cheese, and fresh broccoli. Kara was a sweetheart this weekend, and is really developing her own personality. We just love watching her grow and learn new things!

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daniel and micara said...

well, i can't believe how big she is getting. you look at her precious pics and all you can say is awwww!!! she is just so darn cute. We are all so truly blessed that God put our two families together. I couldn't have imagined such a good fit. She is growing so big and is such a happy lil one. Thank you for being such wonderful parents and sister to that precious lil girl. we love you all