Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Halloween Pictures!


daniel and micara said...

how cute is she!!!!!!!!!! me and danl just giggled and giggled at how adorable she looked. thanks so much for sharing the pics. It was the perfect ending to my birthday. :)

love you guys

CODIE said...

awe all of these pictures are too adorable!! She is getting so big.. sorry it has been a while and sorry i havent updated my weight blog.. I have been so busy.. But I plan on starting it again on Monday! You guys have a good halloween!?? Well luv ya and miss ya!!


Anonymous said...

Kathy and Tim,

Kara is just so cute and really growing. She has the cutest smile and so much hair--how lucky you are--she is precious. I really missed seeing you at church on Sunday and hearing Tim play.

Take care, Rene's mom, Donna

codiecoco25 said...

hey!! OKay so i posted my first blog saying what im going to start and when i am going to start it!! come check it out!! Hope all is well :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Kara looks so adorable in her Dumbo outfit and the cute pumpkin outfit! You are welcome for the cute outfit, Kara! I am glad it arrived in time to look adorable and festive. Such a beautiful smile she has!
xoxo Aunt Karen