Friday, November 2, 2007

Beautiful baby girl & smile!

These pictures of Kara were taken last night. The first one is a little blurry because Kathy didn't get the camera focused quickly enough, and just had to catch Kara smile! Isn't that smile beautiful enough to light up a whole room?! We think so! The second picture was taken when Kathy called Kara's name and said, "Look at mommy"! Kara actually turned and looked right at Kathy! Doesn't Kara look like she's up to something in the last picture?


anne said...

she is too gorgeous for words. i can't wait to see her smile in person!

krista&charlie said...

I LOVE all the updates! And I love her Halloween costume and Pumpkin paraphrenalia... So glad you all had a good weekend with the Langs too... She's growing so fast... so is Hunter... we need to get together again soon!
xoxox Krista and Charlie

daniel and micara said...

I can't get over the color of her eyes! are they really that blue? I don't know what to say other than she is flawless. Heaven sent precious gift. Keep the updates coming. They are awesome!!!
love you guys!

codiecoco25 said...

oh my goodness those pictures are TOO cute!! Awe she is getting so big!! Thanks for the comments on my blogs. I appreciate them