Monday, October 22, 2007

Apple Harvest Parade

The dance studio, Rhythm 'n Motion, where Samantha takes lessons, was in the parade in downtown Martinsburg on Saturday. They did a great job, and it was very cool to be able to watch all of them dance (especially Samantha) in the parade! Kara enjoyed watching the parade, except for the really loud horns that honked right in front of us!


daniel and micara said...

even though i'm not able to comment on all the neat pics and lil stories you put on this blog, it is checked often, and it is so wonderful seeing how she is growing. Please give her a kiss from all of us. love, mic

krista&charlie said...

SUCH A CUTIE!!! I love all of Kara's pix... she's just adorable. I am green w/ envy re: her sleeping thru the night, but I guess with Hunter it'll be all in good time, right? I hope we can see you all again really soon!!! We miss you... and the little people sure do grow fast; let's try to arrange something soon b/c we don't want to miss a thing w/ lil Kara. Love to you all & kiss to Samantha & Kara!!! 2 beautiful girls... you & Tim are Lucky!
xxoooo Krista & Charlie