Sunday, April 13, 2008

Flight to Oklahoma

Everything started out just great! We left Baltimore on time and landed in Detroit on time. Unfortunately for us, and all the other people that got on the plane in Detroit to fly to Tulsa, the pilot was a 'no show'. We got the news after we waited for 30 minutes on the plane, when the flight attendant told us we had to get off and wait another 1 1/2 hours at the gate. We were told not to leave the area, because there was always a possibility that we could leave earlier. Then, we were told that they would not give us Kara's car seat and stroller back--b/c it was already on the plane! No problem with taking us off...but wouldn't consider the idea of accommodating families with children who wanted their strollers. There were only two families on the plane that checked strollers at plane-side. So, we finally took off 1/2 hour after we were supposed to have landed in Oklahoma. Kara was happy on both plane trips--until she got tired. Then she cried herself to sleep, which is uncomfortable when sitting in such close quarters next to complete strangers. Poor thing! We landed in Tulsa at 10:30, and it was midnight before we arrived at our hotel. Kara slept in the rental van, and was an angel when we finally got her into her PJ's and fed her the last bottle of the day. She even slept in until 7:45!

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