Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spending time with Kara's birth-family

Kara is 9 months old today! We spent a nice afternoon with Cammi, Kara's birthmother, Cammi's parents (Micara & Daniel), and Codie, Cammi's sister. Of course, they were all excited about seeing Kara and how big she's grown! Kara had a good time playing with Nevaeh, Cammi's daughter. We took lots of pictures that will be great to show Kara as she gets older.

The first picture is Tim, Cammi, Kathy & Kara. The second picture is Kara and Nevaeh. The third picture is Cammi & Kara. The fourth picture is Codie & Kara. The fifth picture is Micara, Kara & Nevaeh, and the last picture is Daniel, Nevaeh & Kara.

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Danny,Diana and children said...

Hi Kara... Happy 9th month birthday!!!!!
Love the pictures and so happy all of you are able to spend time together. She is so cute!!! Sarah sent us some good ones of the girls together at Chases party also, so check your email when you get a chance. Sorry to hear about the plane flight but at least you made it on finally and Kara had a pretty good flight. Love ya!