Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another video of Kara!

Kara is making all kinds of "talking" sounds in this video while playing with her stuffed animals. It also shows how well she rolls over to get to wherever she wants to go. Today was very warm outside--around 76 degrees. When Kara got home from the babysitter, we changed her into shorts and a t-shirt--which just happen to be size 12 months! Our sweetie is getting chunky, and we love it!

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krista&charlie said...

TOO CUTE!!!! I just LOVE her talking sounds! And she is so active with her toys... I am also so excited for you guys to make Kara's adoption "official" though I know she's been officially a part of your hearts and family all the while!
Congrats and what a beautiful little girl and niece!
XOXO Aunt Krista, Uncle Charlie, & Cousin Hunter