Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Sorry it's taken so long to post an update. Things have been a little crazy since Easter. Kara has been sick and had to be given breathing treatments with a nebulizer. The good news is that she's all better! No more coughing & wheezing. :-) Kathy has been sick too, and is still trying to get over a sinus infection. We are really looking forward to warmer weather and no more sickness!

We have an exciting trip coming up this Saturday. We are heading back to Oklahoma for the finalization hearing for our adoption of Kara! In so many ways, the past 8 1/2 months have gone by so quickly, and in others we feel like making Kara a 'legal' part of our family is long overdue. Even though the courts haven't seen it the same way we do, Kara has felt like a part of our family from day one. We will be getting together with Kara's birth-family while in Oklahoma, and I'm sure we'll have pictures to post and stories to share when we get back home.

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