Sunday, April 12, 2009


Although I love bunnies, eggs and chocolate (LOVE chocolate), I hope everyone knows that today is about much more than those fun things. It's about Jesus' death and resurrection, and that's what we're celebrating today! Think about it...without the resurrection, everything else would be meaningless. Thank God for Easter!

Kara and Samantha were really happy with what the Easter Bunny left for them! Unfortunately, Samantha wasn't keen about having her picture taken before showering. We took the other pictures before heading off to church. Sure would be nice to get all four of us in a picture, but that's kind of hard b/c then there's nobody to hold the camera. While a tripod would be nice, we just don't have the time to deal with all that! After church, Kara went down for a nap right away--without lunch. She was all tuckered out after playing with the kiddos her in classroom--probably because she has been fighting a virus since she had the seizure on Thursday. We're hoping she sleeps well, even on an empty stomach. :-)

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MICARA said...

the house looks awesome and lil Kara is so CUTE!!!! Samantha is so beautiful... I'm glad you all had a nice Easter. :)