Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kara is feeling much better!

Kara hasn't had a fever in almost 24 hours! She is getting back to her 'normal', sweet self, and we couldn't be happier. We definitely feel like we are on the 'other side' of this stressful time. The first picture is when Kara was still not feeling her best, but really liked playing with her butterfly balloon. :-) The last pictures were taken today while Kara was playing with her new birthday toys and feeling much better!


ellen said...


MICARA said...

I'm so glad she is better. She is such a lil sweetie!!

Peg4567268 said...

Dear Tim,
I'm SO glad Kara is recovering so well! When I read of Kara's seizure, my heart went out to you and Kathy (and Kara, of course)!! Your cousin Tony had two seizures when he was a toddler that scared the life out of me! The doctors never did figure out what caused them, but luckily he grew into a fairly normal human being. :-D

Kara is a darling little girl, and I particulary love watching the mini videos of her! God bless her and the rest of your family!!

Love, Aunt Peggy

Rene Haught said...

So glad to hear Kara is feeling better. We were really worried about her. See you soon.