Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kara is 10 months old today!!

We recorded several short videos of Kara today on her 10 month birthday. The warm weather finally returned today--yea!! Kara is actually wearing a cute outfit from her Aunt Anne and Grandma Lang. Just to let you know how petite Kara is...the outfit is size 6 months, and just fits her! In the videos, Kara is practicing her "army crawl" and is dancing to the music from her glowworm. Enjoy!


ellen said...

Are you sure she is only 10 months? The hand under the chin makes her seem a lot older. :)

anne said...

those are the cutest! and tim, it sounds as though you're having a little too much fun with her crawling attempts :)

daniel and micara said...

hahahaha!!! She is just so darn cute!!! She is gonna get that crawling thing down, and the hand under the chin... oh, priceless!!!

thanks for sharing!!