Friday, May 23, 2008

2nd Camping Trip of the Season

Today is our second camping trip of 2008! We are sure hoping and praying that it starts and ends with no one running into the back of our (2nd) new camper! Tim and Kathy picked it up from the RV dealer yesterday, and things went very smoothly. Funny thing is that we purchased the second camper just 6 weeks after the first, and this time we got a 2009 model! There are a few modifications in it that are definitely for the better. Samantha is in school, Kara is watching her Baby Einstein video, and Tim went to get a State inspection on the truck. Tim will be bringing the camper back from the storage location soon, and then we get to load it up! We are going to a Maryland State Park called Cunningham Falls. It's beautiful! The weather is also going to be great all weekend--low 70's to mid 80's! No rain, thank goodness! The camp ground has a beautiful falls area (hence the name), a large lake, and beach area. The campsites are very wooded, so it does get chilly in the evenings. That's not a problem because we love to sit around the campfire, and the camper has a heater. :-) We also have a full bath in this camper, so no more nighttime trips to the bathhouse. Yea! We are camping from Friday to Monday, Memorial Day. We are celebrating Samantha's 13th birthday tomorrow while we are camping, so we will have many pictures to post after we get back!

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