Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on Kara's health

The doctor called today to let us know that Kara's x-ray came back normal. Which is great news! Unfortunately, it doesn't get us any closer to understanding why Kara isn't eating normally and continues to vomit once a day. Yes, she had another vomiting incident today, which makes it three days in a row. It occurred while Kara was at the babysitter's house this morning. The doctor wants us to call her on Monday morning to let her know if Kara continues with the vomiting problem over the weekend. If so, we will need to take her to the doctor's office on Monday. Kara will then need to be catheterized for a urine sample.

From the pictures above, you can see that even though Kara is sick, she still has periods of contentment and happiness throughout the day. Here she is sitting on her mommy and daddy's bed, and daddy is making funny noises while mommy is taking the pictures. Kara loves to laugh at her daddy's funny antics! :-)

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codie said...

haha awe she is just so darn cute!! What kind of funny noises was Tim making? Well I am very glad the x-rays came back normal and I will still keep you guys in my prayers.. Naveah was throwing up a lot there for a little while too this last week or so.