Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kara is 5 months old today!

It's amazing to think how quickly the last five months have flown by! As many know, Kara has been sick with a head cold since Thursday, December 6th. We have taken her to the doctor twice since then, and talked to the doctor on the phone two additional times. Kara has a nasty cough and is extremely congested. The worst part of this is that her appetite has decreased pretty significantly, and she has had three instances of projectile vomiting. Kara lost a few ounces from last Friday's doctor appointment to her appointment on Monday. It doesn't sound like a big deal, except for the fact that she's so young and small to begin with. Kara went from 12 lbs 11 oz on Friday to 12 lbs 8 oz on Monday. We want her to keep growing and gain weight, not lose weight! The doctor actually gave us a referral for Kara to get an abdominal x-ray today at the hospital. Kara was an angel during the procedure, and actually thought it was great fun to lay on the x-ray table completely naked while playing with the sheet! We hope to get the results of the x-ray soon, and we'll post the results then.

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Codie said...

awww she looks like a precious little angel sleeping. I hope she gets better! I know she will and I will pray for her. Please let us know of the results of the x-rays :) love you! give kara tons of hugs nad kisses for me!!