Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pretty gift

Kara received a pretty quilt that was made for her by Tim's Aunt Peggy. Kara was in a very happy mood this morning, so we decided to take a picture of her on her quilt. Kathy got her to smile several times, but couldn't snap the picture fast enough to catch the smiles!


daniel and micara said...

doesn't she look beautiful laying on that wonderful quilt. I'm so glad she has grabbed so many hearts there. I was hoping the gourds had made it to you by now, but hopefully they will come soon. Just wanted to check in and let you know again, how pretty she is, of course, I'm not partial by no means ;)

Peggy Lang said...

Dear Tim and Kathy,
Thanks for posting the picture of Kara Anne on her quilt. She looks so cute! I hope she gets years of enjoyment out of it!!
Love, (Aunt) Peggy