Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All is well...

Kara is having a really good 2nd week with Laura, the babysitter. We're so happy to have someone that takes such good care of our sweet girl! On Friday morning, the four of us will be flying to Rhode Island for Susan's wedding--one of Kathy's best friends from college. This is Kara's 2nd time to ride on an airplane, and she's not even three months old! Kara was wonderful on the flight home from Oklahoma, so we're hoping for the same on the short (thankfully) flight to RI. Please pray for our safety and that Kara doesn't have any problems with her ears, etc.... We're really looking forward to seeing Susan, Dave (the groom), Sharon (twin sister) and Jim (Sharon's boyfriend)--as well as all of Sue & Sharon's family!

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