Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hennessey Family Trip to Capon Springs

Kathy's family planned a trip to Capon Springs during the Labor Day holiday weekend about a year ago. At that time, no one had any idea that Kara would be born in July and adopted by our family! one knew that Krista would become pregnant and due to deliver within a couple of weeks! Capon Springs and Farms is a beautiful family-style vacation-place nestled in the Capon Valley in Hampshire County, WV. You can find their website online and learn about all of the interesting aspects Capon Springs has to offer. Traveling with 7 week old is interesting, and most of Kara's things filled the 8-foot bed of our truck! We needed her bassinet, her swing, bouncer seat, baby sling, diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, and lots of clothes. Tim, Kathy, Samantha, and her friend Kacy each had one bag a piece, and Kara had many! Kara did not adapt all that well to change of scenery while we were in Capon Springs, and Kathy and Tim did not get much sleep at all. Then Kathy became ill on Sunday morning--maybe from lack of sleep--who knows. We are looking forward to going back to Capon Springs when Kara is a little older! The food is absolutely delicious there--reason enough to go back.

Pictures: Kara with her first doll in the cottage at Capon Springs; Samantha in the spring-fed pool (freezing) at Capon Springs; Tim, Kathy & Kara on front porch of main house at Capon Springs; and Papa, Samantha & Kacy fishing at Capon Springs. Both Samantha and Kacy caught fish!!

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