Thursday, August 30, 2007

More of Kara playing!

Daddy took some cute pictures of Kara having a good time with one of her activity gyms! Kara also gave Tim a really big, wonderful smile today! The experts say that around this age (7-8 weeks) the smiles are real...not gas-related. Later this evening when Tim was holding Kara, she started making cooing sounds, and Tim started mimicking the sounds. They went back and forth like this for quite awhile--and Tim and I were in tears because it was so incredibly sweet!


ellen said...

What a treat to see that smile!

Diana and Danny said...

Wow she is just playing away and smiling isn't she!!! I still can't get over all that hair!!! Danny is soooo jelouse! LOL Can't wait to hold her again and see how Tristan reacts to her seeing we don't have much longer to go. Hugs, Diana and Danny

daniel and micara said...

she is just so precious. Will be sending your gourds by the end of this week :) (if all goes well). sorry for the delay, was down for a week with back pain. it is all better now, and I can get back at it.