Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dinner w/ Cammi & Family

We just got back to our hotel after having dinner with Cammi and her family. It was an awesome experience to be able to meet Cammi in person! We also loved getting to meet Cammi's family. They were so welcoming and made us feel incredibly comfortable. The time we spent together was fun and special, and we will be able to share it with Kara as she gets older. It's so great that we can tell Kara about the special family she has in Oklahoma that love her very much. Cammi's mother, Micara, is quite the artist. She does gourd art, and gave us one of her beautiful pieces that is pictured in this post. It will have a very special place on a shelf in Kara's room.

The three of us are convinced after spending a terrific dinner with Cammi and her family, that God chose the perfect birthmother for our family, and we couldn't be more thrilled that Cammi chose us to raise and love her baby. We are so excited about tomorrow and looking forward to spending some more time getting to know the wonderful family we met tonight!


ellen said...

Enjoy this very special day! You are indeed blessed. BTW, regarding Tim bringing the umbrella, I guess all of those years of "being prepared" in scouts paid off! Continue to take care of each other. Our love to all of you.

Rene Haught said...

So glad to hear that the dinner went well last night. The artwork that Cammi's mom did is beautiful. I bet you are waiting for a special arrival today!
Leo is laying in his bed on top of the otterman....he looks so cute, I am going to take a picture. He has been having fun with the girls and the cats. He likes to follow me around all day. Best wishes today!


Diana and Danny said...

Today is the big day!!! Had you on our thoughts through out the night and first thing this morning. So glad to hear that dinner went wonderful. We know that was a very special time to bond. Our prayers are with you all day! Just think in a couple of hours you'll be holding Kara!! Wow, how exciting!! I bet Samantha is beside herself! Big sister! love you guys!