Thursday, July 12, 2007

1st Day in Oklahoma!

We finally made it to the hotel in Vinita, OK last night at 10:30 pm. Needless to say we were exhausted. Traveling itself, even though all we have to do is sit (on a plane or in a car) is tiring, but the adrenaline and excitement we've been experiencing for the last three weeks keeps us going! We are very thankful that we arrived safely, and all five pieces of luggage made it too. There's always a chance when the airlines change your flight, and especially when you switch airlines, that your luggage won't make it. God is definitley looking out for us!

It is a gray day in Vinita, and the thunderstorms will be with us throughout the day. Tim is a wonderful husband for many reasons, but today it's because he remembered to pack an umbrella! We will be meeting Cammi and many of her family members tonight at Chili's Restaurant, and I appreciate that I will not look like a drowned rat! Samantha plans to swim in the hotel's indoor pool, and Tim and I are just going to relax and catch up on some sleep before Kara is born .

We appreciate everyone's wonderful support and prayers during this exciting journey. Tomorrow is the BIG day! The C-Section is scheduled for noon CST, which is 1 pm in WV. Please help us flood heaven with prayers for Cammi and baby Kara's health and well-being! We love you all!


Debbie MacLean said...

We are SOOOO praying for you guys right now! Can't wait to hear how well you bonded with Cammie and see the first pictures of Kara with the family! Love you and supporting you, Deb, Glenn and kids

Diana and Danny said...

Hi Kathy, Tim, and Samantha. We just wanted to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers!!! Can't wait for you to get home so we can meet Kara. We have other friends praying for you all tomorrow as well. So exciting and we are so very happy for the whole family! Even though it wasn't an easy trip look at the blessing you are receiving! hugs and love, Danny, Diana, and family.