Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming Weekend at EKU

Last weekend, Tim and Samantha traveled to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY with Kathy’s dad, to participate in the Homecoming festivities. Samantha’s friend, Sophie was able to go too. Some of you reading may not know that Tim, and both of Kathy’s parents graduated from EKU.  Everyone  had a great time! When they arrived on campus Friday afternoon they were given a tour of the university by two students.  Friday night they enjoyed a formal dinner. Saturday morning was a delicious brunch at the President’s home. They watched the Homecoming parade in the early afternoon, and the football  game (from the President’s box) later in the afternoon. From what I’ve been told, the four of them ate very well all weekend long!  Samantha and Sophie were able to experience many fun opportunities, and see a little bit of what their future may hold when they attend college! 





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