Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Don’t you love Kara’s cheesy smile in the pictures below?! She is cuddling the new blanket and pillow that goes with her toddler bedding we recently purchased…but we don’t have the toddler bed yet.  Kara has not tried to crawl out of her crib at this point, so we’re reluctant to rush her into  sleeping in a toddler bed.  Right now she wakes up around 6:15 am each day, but plays happily in her crib until we get her out at 7 am.  We probably could not continue this routine if Kara were to be able to get out of bed and come into our room whenever she wanted.  As cute as the new bedding is, and as excited as I am about changing her room from a nursery to a little girls’ room… I think we’ll wait.



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