Monday, May 25, 2009

Hershey Park on Samantha's Birthday

On Sunday, we spent the day at Hershey Park--just 30 minutes from our campground. We discovered that Kara is not quite old enough to enjoy amusement parks (as you can see by the look on her face above), so she and Tim left rather early and headed back to the campground. Kathy and Samantha enjoyed the rest of their day, and were exhausted by the time the campground shuttle picked them up at 6 pm. Roller coasters, an aqua show w/sea lions, Zoo America, arcade games, Chocolate World, and LOTS of walking made for a very full day. (What do you think of Samantha's temporary tattoo on her wrist?!)


MICARA said...

wow!!! it looks like you guys are having an awesome time. Sorry lil bit didn't really enjoy the amusement park... but she made up for it in the water activities, huh. :) I still can't tell you enough how grateful I am that you still post pictures so I can see how lil Kara is growing. She is adorable. I love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim and Kathy!

I'm glad Samantha's tattoo is a temporary one, but it's VERY pretty!

Too bad Kara didn't enjoy the amusement park, but I'm sure she will later on.

Uncle Paul and I are spending the week from 6/6-6/13 in a rented cabin near the Great Smokey Mts.!!
Love, Aunt Peggy