Monday, October 13, 2008

Kara is 15 months old today!

So hard to believe that it's been three months since Kara's 1st birthday! Kara is a very happy child and loves playing with her toys (especially the musical ones), and watching Dora, the Backyardigans, and Little Einsteins on TV. She is eating well and weighs over 19 pounds. Although she can still wear some 9 month clothes, she is able to wear many 12 month ones also. She is walking well holding one of our hands, or just a finger, and does it best in her Nike tennis shoes. :-) Kara got a Little People school bus a week ago, that she can sit on and ride. It also has a long handle on the back that she can stand and hold onto and walk. She loves it!

Today, we took her to Butler's Farm Market to pick out some pumpkins, mums, and a few other fresh veggies. Kara had a great time, and she helped pick out some very nice pumpkins.


Anonymous said...

What a doll-baby she is!! And I'll bet those bangs are too silky to hold barrettes, aren't they? She DOES look like "Dora the Explorer"!

We had a great visit with your Mom and Dad, and Aunt Miri and Uncle Gary last Sunday!

Love, Aunt Peggy

MICARA said...

awwww how cute is that! she is just SOOOO beautiful! Hopefully I will be adding pics to Jayven's blog this weekend... she is so precious guys... You are doing a WONDERFUL job with her. She is SO happy...Thank you God for sending the Lang's our way.