Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Camping Trip of the Season & Luray Caverns

We really enjoyed our last camping trip of the season! The campground was Yogi Bear in Luray, VA, and the weather was beautiful! We also decided to take a tour of Luray Caverns, as it was just a couple miles down the road from the campground. The pictures were taken underground in the caverns, and turned out pretty good considering the lack of light. Kara got excited when we went underground and she saw all of the big rocks (stalagmites and stalagtites)! Samantha thought it was kinda boring--imagine that--a 13 yr old thought going somewhere with her parents was boring! LOL


ellen said...

Does Tim remember he visited the Caverns when he was 5 years old?

MICARA said...

I like the pics... that's funny about Sam... boy do I remember those teenage years. :) I'm glad you all had fun