Sunday, April 27, 2008

Camping at the KOA in Harpers Ferry, WV

Well, our first camping trip is over. We had fun, but it's good to be home too! The weather wasn't the best--it rained Friday and Saturday night, so we didn't have a campfire. :-( It was very wet and cold when we woke up this morning, so we ate breakfast and packed up and headed home. Tomorrow Tim is taking the camper back to the dealer we bought it from, so they can take a look at the damage and give an estimate to the insurance company. We took some cute pictures of Kara and Leo while we were camping. Kara played in her little tent so happily during the weekend!


daniel and micara said...

ok, for starters, I am so sorry I haven't been able to check the site for the last week. It was crazy at work and our modem went down at home, so was unable to check it there over the weekend. Now onto the important stuff.... I LOVE HER NEW HAIR CUT!!!!, now no question about what those gorgeous eyes look like:) Samantha is still a doll! I'm sorry your new camper got smashed. That really stinks. I hope they can get it lined out for you. It is so neat to see the family growing. Cammi and Nevaeh are heading back to Texas Wednesday, so all the kids will be gone. I guess more adjusting to do. Well have a great day and give lil bit a kiss for us. :)

codie said...

awwww she is so adorable in her cute little tent! I love it!