Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weekend with the Grandparents

Tim and I celebrated our anniversary over the weekend, since the actual day (26th) landed on a Tuesday this year. The great news is that we were able to get away overnight! Kara and Samantha's Nana & Papa came up to spend the night and take care of them. Tim and I spent the night at a very nice Marriott hotel a little over an hour's drive from home, saw the movie Vantage Point, and had a wonderfully delicious dinner at The Melting Pot--a terrific fondue restaurant! What made our celebration even greater is that Nana & Papa said that our two girls were angels while we were gone. Of course, we expected that Samantha would not give her grandparents any grief, but it was our first time away from Kara for more than a few hours! My parents had no problems with feeding Kara, putting her down for naps, or at bedtime. Of course I was thrilled to hear the news, because that meant Nana & Papa would be willing to come stay overnight again!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of Kara and Samantha with their grandparents while they were here. :-( We'll post some more pictures soon!

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