Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chill 'n Grill

We had a good time today at War Memorial Park at the Chill 'n Grill. We were able to spend time with good friends and see other people we hadn't seen for awhile. Rhythm 'n Motion dance studio performed and they were great! We also enjoyed seeing Flip Over Gymnastics and a couple of bands perform. Kara slept again for most of everything--it must be the outdoor air! Once Kara woke up she had a good time going down the slide with daddy and sitting on the bouncy space shuttle. :-) It was another really warm day in October!

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krista&charlie said...

Kara is getting to be such a "big girl" -- i.e. I mean though petite, she looks older! :) But still cute as a button!
XOXOX Krista and Charlie and Hunter
Huter is excited to play with Kara soon!