Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day!

Kathy and Tim are both going back to work full-time...which means Kara is going to the babysitter's house! Kara was 8 weeks old on Friday, the 7th, and we know she will be well taken care of by Laura. It's just that we have really enjoyed staying home with Kara these past 8 weeks, and we're just not ready for it to end. :-( Unfortunately reality requires us to come to grips with this new phase in our lives. It's been several years since Kathy has had to think or worry about childcare for Samantha. The babysitter, Laura, has two daughters ~ a 3 yr old and a 9 mos old. So, when Kara is sitting up and becomes even more aware of her surroundings, she will have two sweet girls to keep her occupied! Please pray that we will all adjust well to the changes that will be occurring this coming week.


Codie said...

awww everything will be great! Kara is getting so big! again i can not begin to explain how thankful we all are that she ended up with such a great, loving, and fun family!! goodluck and you are in our prayers!!


Rene Haught said...

Hey guys! Thinking about you as you go back to work this week. Kailan is five and I still hate going to work, but I guess I will get used to it. I am sure Kara will have a wonderful week discovering her new surroundings.

Kristie Hadley said...

Was thinking about you this morning and Kara's first day at Ms. Laura's....I'm sure she will be fine...your sitter sounds like a great person from what you've talked about...Sending prayer your way :)

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Laura I just wanted to put a comment on here to say that Kara had a great first day at my house. She played in the play pen and smiled when my girls stuck their heads over the side. She ate so good and didnt fuss at all, she just grunted a little making me a present. She took a couple of naps and just liked watching all the activities around her when she was awake. What a good baby, Im so lucky to get to watch her!