Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beautiful Artwork!

Kara's birth-grandmother, Micara, is a wonderful artist, and one of her canvases is a gourd! She made the beautiful gourd for Kara that was posted on the blog back in early July. We thought Micara was so talented that we purchased three additional gourds from her before we left Oklahoma. Kathy asked Micara to carve two sunflower designs for the kitchen, and a leaf design for the family room. We just received the finished gourds in the mail over the weekend and wanted to post them on the blog because they are just so amazing! If you are interested in purchasing your own gourd(s), the contact information for Micara is: Hidden Canvas Artworx, Micara Coats, mcoats@sstelco.com. Micara can carve pretty much any design you would like into a gourd, and you can even request a specific shape of gourd. As you can see from the pictures, one of our sunflower gourds is a bowl, and the leaf gourd is open as well, so it can hold whatever we want to place in it. The pictures don't portray all the beautiful details, but when you come to visit us, you can check them out in person. Thanks Micara for making the gourds so beautiful--they are wonderful additions to our home!


daniel and micara said...

just wanted to say thank you for such nice comments regarding the gourds. I am tickled that you and the family are pleased with them. :) That's what I was aiming for. ;)

krista&charlie said...

These are awesome! Once we're more in a routine with our newborn, remind me Kathy to contact Micara for our own gourd. They're really something :)
XOXOX Krista