Monday, August 6, 2007

A new formula for Kara

The good news is that Kara has been really increasing her intake of formula at most of her feedings. The bad news is that it seems to create more gas...which means more discomfort for Kara. :-( We decided to contact Dr. Joe today because we just couldn't stand the idea of waiting till the next appointment on the 16th to get some advice on how to make Kara feel better. It's just too hard to watch her when she is in pain. Dr. Joe suggested we try Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Formula. So far so good. It is a little pricey compared to others because it's hypoallergenic, but it's definitely worth it if it makes Kara feel better.


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your Blog after your Mother sent me the link. Just want to say Congratulations and Happy Parenting. She is a very cute baby and I am sure all will turn out well. Would love to see you sometime.
Your cousin, Janet Starling

daniel and micara said...

awww... precious lil one. I'm sorry she is having such a time getting lined out with just the right formula for her. You all are doing such a wonderful job. Thank you again for being such wonderful peoples. :)

mic, danl, cammi, codie, liz

karen east said...

Hey you guys! I've just caught up on the blog and love the fact that you are documenting everything! Glad Kara is feeling better ...getting the formula straightened out takes a while but she'll be better in no time! You guys are so great!